Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Hi People

to save me time typing out Mr. Parsons reply here is a video:

Now I guees its create the email send it to Claire Ellis asking her to forward it to Mr. Parsons then its copy paste the emails sent to the information commissioners various offices just to prove a point. I suppose its send them a freedom of info request like how many complaints a year does the Welsh Office of the information commissioner receive and how many do they ignore? Can it be all that many? After all not that many citizens keep a track on these people now do they? More discrimination by government departments towards you Crazydave. Sure does look that way, now doesn't it Cheryl Gillan.

Which reminds me that I have to print out the emails sent her oh so many months ago, the one she has never responded to and send it by snail mail. But will it need to be sent signed for, so that she cannot say 'it must have got lost in the post' Because none of the media geeks have pulled her up over dismissing claims of Criminal Negligence by the Welsh Assembly towards Crazydave now have they Walesonline? Western Mail n Echo journalists? Oh no!

Time to write the email and copy it here:  

Hello Claire

could you forward this to Dave Parsons as he did not supply his email address in the letter my MP forwarded to me your ref: RFI_1308 

Mr. parsons it is worth me noting that I did not receive any email suggested by Rodney Berman sent apparently on the 28th Sept 2010 and therefore I am dealing with the issues your reply causes in this.

1) Can you clarify that the £377,000 is just for stationery n Mailing and does not include staff wages? And can you break down the amount into what relates to what i.e. £220,000 stationery etc?

a) Can you provide me with the total number of homes that is included in the mailing, and can you provide the number of actual changes to the register that needed to be made in this most recent of mailing? plus what percentage of the changes were due to new students in Cardiff?

2) Can you tell me how much is shown in rent allowances currently for private landlords and housing associations for housing benefit payments. Also can you clarify what and appropriate amount means in terms of figures if the council stock had been transferred, would it only be the 5% top up that the council currently provide for private landlords?

3) Can you provide me with the figures in the cost of printing of the Capital Times for the last 10 issues as an individual item for each (table form if you can), and can you also provide the cost in figures of its mailings for the same? Also can you provide the cost in figures for the printing of the Tenant Times for the last 10 issues (again individually) and the cost in figures for its mailings.

Perhaps you have not had the time to see the blog that relates to this Freedom of Information request, in it you would see that I suggest the council send out a simple post card for any updating of the Electoral Register with 'Do not return unless you require to update the details' I think that maybe someone at the council might get a costing of such as simple post card and see how much money that would save the Council in the future, when updating the register.

I have also recommended that the council have a option form for all citizens that gives them a choice of how they would like communications from the council English or Welsh so that again the council does not waste money duplicating both English n Welsh versions of the same document when the majority of the population in Cardiff do not speak or read Welsh, and that the council would have an exact number of printings to be made in Welsh for those who have opted for it.

As your previous email did not reach me and the previous address was used simply to by-pass the blocks that the independent police complaints commission have put on this email address can you send your reply to this one and at the same time send a written reply by royal mail. I will be chasing up if no reply is received within the 20 working day time scale starting from the 23rd nov 2010 seeing as its late in the day to be receiving this.

By the way the name is David Gabriel not Gabrielle

And here is the email sent to Anne Jones head of Information Commissioner Wales office on the 12th Nov 2010 so far no acknowledgement?

Hello Anne
I have sent a number of emails to the this address
casework@ico.gsi.gov.uk but have never received a reply here is a copy of the last and hope that you can address the issues for me? Yours David Gabriel. This was sent 28/9/2010

Hi there

I first contacted your office with this email 13/9/2010 regarding blocked emails by members of the Welsh Assembly uk parliament and the House of Lords, So far I have yet to hear anything?

Hi there

I wonder if you are able to help me. I have had my email blocked by various members of the Welsh Assembly Government House of Commons and the House of Lords. Is this something that the information Commissioner can deal with? I view their blockage as Criminal Negligence as well as a hate crime. The list of those who have chosen to have this done can be found at this blog address
http://scrnch.me/cssif Thank you for your help with this. I realise that in the blog there is mention of the Equality Human Rights Commission refusing a FOIR as well as a delay by Cardiff County Council because the Chairman appears to be ignoring my emails, but I would like to come back to those issues at a later date.

All the best David Gabriel (address supplied but with held for privacy here) Could you reply via email in the first instance.

Now the time scale for those freedom of info requests has gone so I am making the complaint about those below is the email sent on the 23rd july 2010 to the Equality Human Rights board members. Many have left and I requested an update of the current boards emails. As I am claiming that Criminal Negligence by Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government has turned into a Hate Crime, and wish them to review the evidence for those statements. 
From: Crazydave (with held for privacy)
To: patrick.diamond@equalityhumanrights.com; kamal.ahmed@equalityhumanrights.com; kate.bennett@equalityhumanrights.com; shaine.mcinnes@equalityhumanrights.com; debbie.wood@equalityhumanrights.com; andrea.murray@equalityhumanrights.com; tracy.allison@equalityhumanrights.com; phil.mccarvill@equalityhumanrights.com; david.ruebain@equalityhumanrights.com; thelma.stober@equalityhumanrights.com; wendy.hewitt@equalityhumanrights.com; karen.grayson@equalityhumanrights.com; rebecca.davies@equalityhumanrights.com; angelinc@hotmail.com
Subject: FW: Public inquiry for Crazydave
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 16:43:09 +0000

Hello EHRC members
This is also a freedom of info request for an updated email list of the commissions board members. Thank you for your compliance David Gabriel

Plus I have not received any reply from the Chairman of Cardiff County Council regarding the FOIR set out in this blog and videos  http://scrnch.me/cssif So I would appreciate you investigating that on behalf as well.
I do hope that I hear from you soon. Yours David Gabriel
As nothing has been done I cannot send this to the Usual Suspects but will have to tweet about it, hardly democracy is it? Who is Anne Jones how much does she get paid a year to dodge complaints to her department? How many staff do they have is it one of the Quangos that Cameron is going to be getting rid of, cos they sure aren't doing what they are paid to do are they now?
Right that it People Do you want your Council to stop wasting money I wonder how much money I could save them if I was in charge. Why do they do the same things without question. Cos money is no object cos they get back handers for commissioning stationery that is not required? Cos the current Councillors are failing in their roles as scrutineers? Because they have a culture of  what do I care this is how its always been done and thats it?
What other reasons can you think up People for why this waste?
Love n Light from Crazydave

The original request video just to remind you!


Last night wed 24th November 2010 I sent this email to the infor commissioner Wales office:

From: David Gabriel
To: wales@ico.gsi.gov.uk; jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk;  vivienne.ward@parliament.uk
Subject: FW: Introductory email for Anne Jones
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 22:20:54 +0000

Hello Anne

This is one of my latest blogs  
http://scrnch.me/w3oqz its regarding the Freedom of information request. While creating another blog today http://scrnch.me/l9zdn (more for Mr. Evans than you, some questions on tenants rights ignored) I realised that mr. Berman had the first freedom of info request on the 23 Aug 2010 not the 2nd of september 2010 as claimed in his letter to Mr. Evans as shown in this blog http://scrnch.me/cssif published the 1st sept 2010.

So here is a freedom of information request for you Anne. Can you tell me how many complaints your organisation in Wales recieved during the 2009/10 finaincial year and how many of those complaints via email has your organisation ignored?

Its just that I like to be fair minded when accusing others of prejudice.

Right time to go tweeting Information Commissioner aids n abets hate crime and supply this blogs details. As there is no immediate reply and hasn't been to any of them. The link shows that Mr. Berman first recieved the FOIR on the 23rd August 2010 via email co-reciever Mr. Jonathan Evans MP. Funny why Mr. Berman failed to mention that when he lied to Mr. Evans, Eh Chief Constable.
I sent the following email to Abby Alford journalist for the Western Mail n Echo seeing as she did the article on the Equality Human Rights Commission I trust you note the other cc receiver?:
From: David Gabriel
abby.alford@walesonline.co.uk;  jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk
Subject: FW: Introductory email for Anne Jones
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 17:47:46 +0000

I thought this might interest you Abbey sorry about the spelling errors! I am sure you will enjoy the links.
David Gabriel (attached to the email to Anne Jones updated earlier in this blog dated 24th nov 2010)
Lets see what they make of this waste of public money.